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If music has never made you cry you’re not listening to music

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why does every tumblr

user think they can

write poems just by

using the space bar

and enter button


because free verse

enables people to say what they feel

without having to adhere

to the “rules” of writing

and also its fun

(fuck off)

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"hey can you do me a favor?"




when people take your url off a post and try to pass it off as their own


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Bath mat turns red when wet. 
I need towels made out of this, and then I’d make my guests use them with out telling them.
Then wait for the screams of terror.

Calm down there, Satan.

reblogging just for that comment
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women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego

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Water Experiment No. 33 Automata
What a beautiful work of craftsmanship.
By: Dean O’Callaghan

this is the craziest thing to watch
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Photographed by Natalie Boog
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this breaks my heart. Because I have done exactly this. You see people looking, so you smile, but it almost hurts too much, so within an instant its gone again, and you are back to thinking about what a fucking failure you are. Maybe im just reading too far into this

oh wow this is so fucking powerful I don’t even know why, I had tears in my eyes and I couldn’t stop watching this!